3rd competition day

Weather is still not good enough for the task, but it is getting better every day. Tomorrow we have some chances for the race in Lijak area, Saturday and Sunday looks flyable and taskable. 

Due to the weather conditions (less tasks as usual) we decided to reduce the entry fee for the event for 30 €. All participants who paid already the full entry fee will be refunded, all others will pay lower entry fee at the registration. Registration office will be open today 18.00 - 19.00 and after presentation for one hour. Next days in morning and in the evening. 

Today we are organising hiking trip to Tolminka valley. The shuttles will leave the campsite at 11.00. We will take care also for the food :)  We had a nice presentation yesterday about mental preparation for the race by Joachim Oberhauser. Today we continue with the lessons, slovenian pilot Tilen Ceglar will speak about final glide at the competitions. 

Free grill food  & 1 drink for pilots today, use the coupons which you have received with the registration.