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Skybean is new established company producing instrument for paragliding. Their products are Skybean, Skydrop and Chasecam for Gopro cameras.


The brand NOVA is paraglider manufacturer from Austria, known for their honest and responsible attitude to pilots, as well as for the most efficient world-wide distribution and support network!


Naviter is a Slovenian based IT company which focuses on development and marketing of glider pilot software to worldwide audience. Our products are aimed towards sailplane, paraglider and hangglider pilots. Our trademark products include SeeYou, SeeYou Mobile, ConnectMe, Soaring Spot and Oudie.


GRADIENT is one of the leading paragliding brands worldwide. The base of GRADIENT is in Czech republic. The company was formed in 1997 to immediate aclaim, from the begining was concentrate on its own development and production. By employing the most up to date technologies and materials in the design of their paragliders GRADIENT have developed an international reputation for producing paragliders of exceptional quality, performance and value for money.

Camp Gabrje

Camp Gabrje is campsite in Soca Valley! Camp is located south from village Gabrje on the right bank of Soča river. Place is like the HQ for paragliding and hang-gliding activities in the Soca Valley. Fly more and safer is motto of the campsite, this the reason why there are offering daily free, safety flying and weather information.