Final Results Serial CUP 2012

Final Results Serial CUP 2012

Because of bad weather this last two days were canceled and SerialCUP 2012 is finished with the folowing winners.


Wiht great flying of all girls, on the podim came in the first place Korneluk- Guzy Ewa, second place Dominika Kasieczko and Mirjam Hempel as third.


Fun class podium belonged to Simon Konavec, Mikulas Krutsky and Dominika Kasieczko.


On the Sport class podium came with the first place Simon Konavec, second place Grzegorz Fiema and third place Miran Fridau.


In the Open Class winner is Marko Novak flowing by Robertas Pesliakas and Bartosz Moszczynski.


In the prize drawing between all the pilots the most lucky were:

VYTAUTAS SKRUIBIS who got new sponsored harnes NOVA N10 L RED


ERNESTO HINESTROZA who will get the new SKYWALK glider.


Presentation videos will be uploaded in this week...

Cheers and happy flying