Peter Vyparina - glider maintenance

Get more info about glider maintenance...

Marc Wensauer - Scoring system

If you want to understand GAP and scoring system check this video...

Drifting thermals, Marko Hrgetić

Another good lecutre by Marko.

Flying 360, Aaron Durogati

Aaron Durogati, winner of PWC superfinal, one of the guys going across Alps in Red Bull X-Alps.

Using your instrument at the competition, Andrej Kolar

Andrej Kolar made a lecture for us on how to use your instrument in competition flying.

How to become better pilot, Jurij Vidic

Jurij Vidic, one of the best Slovenian pilots prepared a lecture for us, where he explained how h

Starting cylinders, Marko Hrgetič

Marko told us that good position on start cylinder is a jolly card in your pocket.

Paragliding Rescue Analysis, Simon Čopi

Simon Čopi presentation about paragliding accidents from paragliding pilot and Rescue team member

Mental aspect in competition flying, Mads Syndergaard

Fantastic presenation on the subject of mental aspect in competition flying

What is important to become successfull pilot

photo by: Lars M Falkenström

How to become good pilot, Michael Sigel

Michaels presentation on competition flying and how to become good at it! Nice one!

World record 260 km out and return in Slovenia, Aljaz Valic

Aljaž Vlič has made a presentation about his world record flight few years ago...