SERIAL CUP 2021: First pilots selection is done. We are waiting for pilots confirmation until 02.08.2021. After this date rest of available spots at the event will be given by first come first serve basis. 

SerialCUP is paragliding cross-country competition for pilots flying serial wings up to EN-C class (EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C). Event is primarily designed for pilots already achieving cross-country flights wishing to increase their range of skills, distances flown and their understanding of the sky and competition tactics.More information...


  • Task 2

    The photo might be a bit confusing as flying wasn't the main theme of the day.

  • Task 1

    The weather wasn't cooperating much today, as in the beginning of the day the prediction was for

  • Serial Cup 2021 begins

    Serial Cup 2021 officially started with introductory briefing.