New dates are announced!

The event in 2019 was cancelled due to weather conditions. Now after the event we can say that the decision was right. We were observing the weather in the planned competition week and there was no chance for a single task. Two days were flyable end of the day, but not taskable. 

First idea about postponing the event was to organise it at the beginning of the season (1st May). But at the end we decided for more reliable period, we will make it last week of August. Presentation of the event is now online.

Some pilots are confirmed already from last season. Pleace check if you can join the event. If you are not able, send me a request for the refunding the entry fee by mail. Now we have available some places, which will be delivered to the pilots on "first come first serve" basis. So, in order to compete, register to the event and place payment (reservation fee or full payment). Information.