3rd competition day

Weather is still not good enough for the task, but it is getting better every day.

2nd competition day, presentation at 19.00

We have no raining today, but it is still windy and cloud cover.

1st task is cancelled

Due to the wind and rain today we need to cancel the task.

Competition office is open

First pilots signed in to the competition. This year we will again deliver the prizes to the pilo

Top pilots in 2014

Top pilots for 2014 are: Peter Vyparina (SVK), Tilen Ceglar (SLO), Joachim Oberhaouser (ITA) and

Find best accomodation in Soca Valley!

Find best accomodation in Soca Valley!

All the pilots at the competition will receive the 10 % discount in Camp Gabrje, where we have al