Serial cup 2014 registration is open

Serial cup 2014 registration is open

4th edition of Serial cup is going to the stage! Check all the information and register to the event - as usual we offer some places (30) for early bird registrations!

The main concept of the Serial Cup idea stays the same, but here are some changes which we will introduce in the season 2014: Competition is open for pilots flying serial wings only up to EN-C class (EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C). Beside regular "Race to goal, Speedrun" disciplines we will try to organise one or two tasks also in different format, which is more in favour of less experienced pilots to get into the goal (for example AAT)... 


...and what stays the same:

- Location Soca Valley with HQ in Camp Gabrje
- Late summer period with reliable conditions
- Lectures & flying by top three pilots
- Brieifings with fully explained tasks and post tasks analyzing
- Less demanding tasks as within normal competitions
- Good organisation with one main and two reserve flying areas to get maximum out of the weather condititons
- Practical awards in value 2.000 € delivered by lottery among all the pilots 
- All other goodies for previous season


Top 3 pilots who will fly with you and make presentations in this season are selected and will be announced later on. 


See you in Soca Valley!